Monday, March 29, 2010

Congrats to Washington's new titleholders

The judging panel had a tough job with two great contestants each for Washington State Mr and Ms Leather. Jim Drew and Herrmeister D brought a lot of heart, drive, experience and smokin hot leather to the stage in vying for the Mr title. Boy di and Pandagirl had stellar community building plans, sexy fantasies and love of leather in competing for the Ms title. They all will continue to support the community even though Herrmeister D and boy di took home the titles. As soon as our titleholders were announced, the double D jokes started rolling!

I am very excited to support my local titleholders in the coming year and I know they will work well together and do great things.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Washington State leather contest weekend

The Washington State Mr/Ms Leather contest starts tonight and I am so excited to judge this weekend. I was Washington State Ms Leather in 2008, so I have done a full two years of titleholding back to back. I hardly remember life without carrying a current title! We have a few great contestants and I feel a vibrant energy in the Puget Sound region (so not a euphemism) during the climax weekend of leather pride week in Seattle.

Friday, March 26th 8:30pm - 10:00pm
Meet n greet at Doghouse Leathers
Location: 1312 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA

Saturday March 27th 7:00pm
Washington State Mr/Ms Leather Contest
The Cuff Complex
Location: 1533 13th Ave., Seattle, WA

Sunday, March 28th 11:30am
Emerald Awards & Victory brunch
The Cuff Complex
Location: 1533 13th Ave., Seattle, WA

Friday, March 12, 2010

press week

I had the honor of doing an interview for The Advocate magazine with Kerry for the upcoming "40 under 40" section. First it was Curve, now this! I will let everyone know when the article comes out.

And thanks to hot-tipper Serene from California, I am in Taboo magazine setting someone on fire...crazy the places I turn up. I have yet to confirm this sighting since I have not wandered into my local florescent lit, kinda gross feeling sex toy store lately. Working at Babeland made me a bit of a connoisseur of sex toy shops.

Lastly, Texas' weekly gay rag TWIT has a little photo taken by the talented Brett Vander of the lovely Lillith and me at the Dallas Eagle over SPLF weekend. Check it out here in the Texas Tea section:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

NW Sash Bash

It's NW Sash Bash in Seattle and I am glad to be home to welcome titleholders from around the country to the great Northwest. It couldn't be a more gorgeous weekend with clear blue skies as a backdrop to the Puget Sound and Olympic mountain range. I am auctioning off an hour of rope lessons tonight at the Cuff to benefit the Tony Deblase Scholarship. And the best part is I get to come home to my own bed after the night is done!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

As JREwing says "Anything worth having is worth going for- all the way"

Oh Dallas, who knew I would have such a good time there? Even with my sash husband Jeffrey in Sydney, I felt right at home thanks to the great friends I met during Mr Texas Leather a month prior. Midori and Glenda Rider look forward to South Plains Leather Fest every year and now I know why. Just sitting in the lobby is the perfect place to see everyone from around the country like Randall Kinnear, the sexy Mark Frazier, slave caroline, Sir Top and slave bonnie. A really touching moment in the lobby was with Master Ces who gave me a lifetime membership to new organization Women in Leather International ( Master Ces also shared stories of marching on Washington with Martin Luther King Jr and experience at Stonewall. It was an IMsL reunion of sorts with producer tomo judging, producers Ms Rhonda, Glenda and former IMsLs Lady Faye and Gabrielle attending. Three potential IMsLs were there was well: Kathy from Tulsa, Lady Minx from Dallas and Cowboi Jen from Philly. IMsL energy was certainly representing. A trip to Dallas would not be complete without time with Dan Perry and Jack, the new Mr Texas Leather, who cooked up an Italian meal which was divine! The workshops were fantastic and I got up to catch the first workshops of the day - they were that good! What I really enjoyed about SPLF was that it was a truly pansexual conference. Everyone got along and all demographics were sharing space.

I had a second photo shoot scheduled with Brett Vender, the photographer who shot Jeffrey and me for the NoH8 campaign. I pulled in the lovely Lillith from Denton, TX and we did a five hour shoot spanning a Ms. Robinson theme to a Gabrielle d'Estrees inspired shot. It was a blast and I can't wait to see the final prints. Finishing the weekend was Glenda's famous BBQ party. Glenda gathered her friends to her suite for a Texas BBQ and no holds barred play party. Oh yes, SPLF is fun!

SPLF is the home of the International Master/slave contest and it was great to see NW representative and Puget Sound resident Master DJ and slave september dragon shine on stage. Our new Int'l Master/slave is a wonderful couple representing the SW region: Master Obsidian and slave namaste. They will do a great job and I look forward to getting to know them more.