Sunday, April 5, 2015

Register today for International Ms Leather 2015!

International Ms Leather 2015 will be packing tons of great content into the new San Jose, CA location. I love this event and feel that it's a great mix of heavy play, education, and social consciousness framing a high quality international title contest. Register by April 6th and don't miss out on the world's premier leatherwomen's event.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thunder and Mountains!

I'm exchanging big mountains in high desert to even bigger ones in the pacific ring of fire! Less than 48 hours after returning from Thunder in the Mountains in Denver, I am at the airport to fly to Anchorage for Northern Exposure. I am teaching my popular class Ergonomic Roughhousing which was well-received at Thunder. I had a great demo/sub serve me all weekend in Denver and he earned his bruises (thanks sub puppy!). Thunder is an incredibly unique pansexual conference featuring a dungeon about the size of an aircraft hangar. The equipment was top notch and the hotel allowed fire play onsite. Let me repeat that: the hotel allowed fire play onsite!! I was able to offer my Basic Fire Play class for the first time in 4 years and a sweet demo bottom, Sway, stepped up to experience fire for her first time during my class. I think Sway liked the heat. Sarha and the FoxFinder Productions have put together a nature packed, wild adventure in Alaska. Scott Paul Designs went above and beyond to send product for the Northern Exposure vendor market and I'll have some of my personal Twisted Monk rope for sale.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Madness in Seattle!

Congratulations to Washington State Mr Leather 2014 Erik, Washington State Ms Leather 2014 Tris and Washington State Bootblack 2014 Miss Becca Bee! The contestant pool was outstanding and the race was incredibly tight. I had the pleasure to emcee with the charming and witty Tony Buff. Before March wraps up in Sexy Seattle, check out my bay area educator Mkali-Hashiki at the CSPC this Saturday. When: March 29, 2014, 12PM to 4PM Where: Annex and Raw Space 1608 15th Ave. W. Seattle WA 98119 Who: Anyone 18+ with ID Cost at the door: $50. Advance: $45- Individuals, $85- Couples and $125- Triads. (No other CSPC discounts or AYCE cards applicable.) Purchase Advance Tickets Here – Erotic Breathwork is a way to raise and circulate sexual energy. We will be doing a series of guided breathing exercises, individually and with class partners. This will be a lively and interactive class, this work is fun and energizing. Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothing & bring water. Potential participants are made aware that although this work does have use during physical intimacy, this is not a sexual-techniques class & there is no nudity or sexual interaction/touching involved. About the Educator: You can learn more about M’kali-Hashiki at A workshop presented by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. Please go to for more information.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Washington State formal leather dinner

I'm delighted to perform at this huge endeavor put on by Danelle, WA State Ms Leather 2013. Come on by, see me strip and get a fantastic meal to support the travel fund for next year's titleholders.

Friday, March 14, 2014

IMsL 2014 - register now to be part of the premier women's leather title weekend

Visit for more details. The last day to register for IMsL is April 21st - there is no onsite registration! Pat and Sharrin also announced that the IMsL Foundation is a California state non-profit with a bank account set up. It appears that the IMsL Foundation may have a fiscal sponsor in the near future so donations and giving tax credits can begin!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Surrender in San Francisco

I will be teaching at a very polished Pansexual conference in San Francisco, CA November 15-18th, 2013. Surrender is brought to you by the folks at Dark Odyssey who have a huge following for their events on the East Coast. This is their second year on this coast and the experience and expertise showed! The equipment was a rope lover's dream with huge trusses and plenty of space for all of us to play together. Speaking of playing together, the attendees and staff created a comfortable, education-based environment which I appreciate. I will be teaching my popular Fisting and G-Spotting class and am seeking volunteers for demo purposes. Please contact me if you are interested! Seeking demo fisting couple: I've found the greatest success with this class when I get a rock star demo couple who are familiar with each other and are used to being sexual in front of a crowd. And let me tell you, it's fun to watch a deep connection like that occur! If you would like to be that rock star fisting demo couple at Surrender, please email me at *any gender and orientation welcome as long as at least one vagina is included

Support a butch

My friend puts on a fantastic conference called Butch Voices and would love help to fund this safer space for gender expression.

The mission statement is as follows: 
The mission of BUTCH Voices is to enhance and sustain the well-being of all women, female-bodied, and trans-identified individuals who are Masculine of Center. We achieve this by providing programs that build community, positive visibility and empower us to advocate for our whole selves inclusive of and beyond our gender identity and sexual orientation.  Our community is vast and growing and we have many identifications that resemble what the world knows as our “butchness.” We recognize our diversity as having a foundation rooted in butch heritage. We welcome the on-going development of movements intentionally and critically inclusive of our gender variant community. BUTCH Voices is a social justice organization that is race and gender inclusive, pro-womanist and feminist.

If you would love to support a butch, please click on the above link.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thunder in the Mountains: seeking demo couple

I am going to one of my "bucket list" conferences for the first time in Denver July 12th-14th. I've heard nothing but amazing things about Thunder and the producers have been great to work with. I'm teaching one of my favorite activities: Vaginal fisting and G-spotting!! I've found the greatest success with this class when I get a rock star demo couple who are familiar with each other and are used to being sexual in front of a crowd. And let me tell you, it's fun to watch a deep connection like that occur! If you would like to be that rock star fisting demo couple at Thunder in the Mountains, please email me at *any gender and orientation welcome as long as at least one vagina is included

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I had the pleasure of teaching G-Spotting and Vaginal Fisting recently. Westcoast bound, the stellar conference in Vancouver B.C., featured a local sex educator couple who rocked the live demo portion to a very engaged audience. I was so inspired by this class that I wanted to post an article about the wonders of G-spotting. Enjoy!

Title: G Spot: How to Master It

As women, the ease in which we achieve an orgasm can fluctuate day to day. One day, you can bang several out in a row and then others it seems like it will never come. While a clitoral orgasm can be difficult to achieve at times, a g-spot orgasm can be even harder, especially if you don't really know where it is or how to target it. However, tapping into your g-spot and truly being able to achieve a g-spot orgasm can totally revolutionize your sex life and approach to bedroom fun. Fortunately, this is a spot that any woman can truly master with enough time, attention and work.

The g-spot is our powerhouse of sexuality. It holds an exclusive lock that when paired with the right key can give us the most mind blowing body sensation. Finding it is crucial to unlocking it.

The best way to find it is with your own fingers so you can truly know what it feels like. The next time you're feeling frisky, lay down in your bed and pick your dominate hand. Then insert your pointer finger inside of yourself and go about three inches up--almost the entire length of your finger. Then make an upward facing hook or "come hither" motion with your finger . You should feel a rough patch that feels different than the rest of you--that's your g-spot! Ha-zah.

Once you have found it, you can play with it yourself and see how you react. The first g-spot orgasm can take some time to achieve. It's not nearly as easy as a clitoral one, so you'll have to give it some time. Be sure to completely relax while you make your finger motion, this will make achieving the g-spot orgasm a lot easier. Eventually, you might get the overwhelming feeling that you're going to pee yourself. That's a good sign! Work through it and continue to try to relax. At that point, you should feel the sensation to continue to build and then before you know it, BAM!

Once you've found it, there are certainly some toys you can use to help make finding it easier and that make orgasm much more likely.

A G-Spot Vibrator is designed specifically to target your g-spot. These toys tend to look a little similar to standard vibrators, but typically have a curved, bulbous end. This toy will work exactly like your finger, but will take all of the work out of it and allow you to really lay back and relax. This is also a great toy to use with a partner. They can tantalize and tease you with while learning where your g-spot really is.

Ben Wa Balls, recently made famous by Fifty Shades of Grey, are actually a great tool to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and give more control over your vaginal muscles, which in turn help you achieve a g-spot orgasm much more easily. These little balls get placed inside of you and can be worn when you're working around the house or even during sex. They cause you to flex your PC muscles, thus strengthening them overtime. Strengthening your muscles gives you control over them. You'll notice them now when you're getting close and be able to push yourself over the edge by flexing them. They also roll around inside of you while you wear them and continue to graze your g-spot, causing you to possibly orgasm while vacuuming (wonderful, right?). Check out the different ben wa ball sizes you can get at

A piece of Sex Furniture can help you achieve a g-spot orgasm while having sex with your partner. The direction of penetration is imperative due to the location of the g-spot, so you're not likely to hit it if you're just going at it plain ole missionary style. Sex furniture is furniture made strictly for you to have sex on it and contains curves and bends that help put your body into the right position to achieve a g-spot orgasm.

A Sex Swing works similarly to sex furniture, but is twice the fun since you can swing to your orgasm. A sex swing allows you to get into many positions that are not usually possible due to strength or a bed, sofa etc. being in the way.

Finally, you always want to use lube when trying to find and turn on your g-spot. Lube will help keep fingers, toys and your partner moving smoothly and even help you relax more.